European Educational Exchanges

European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding (EEE-YFU)
Brussels, Belgium
Domains of activity: education, youth, youth exchanges.

Formally established as a Non-profit organisation (AISBL) in Leuven, Belgium in 1985.

Mission: The purpose of EEE-YFU is to provide individuals with exceptional learning and growth opportunities both for their own educational benefit and to enable them to break the barriers separating nations, cultures and beliefs.
For this purpose EEE-YFU aims at serving as an instrument for cooperation primarily among Youth for Understanding (YFU) organisations in Europe, including but not limited to, by:

promoting intercultural understanding and education through youth exchange programmes in Europe,
enhancing the public visibility of Youth for Understanding in Europe and within European institutions and organisations,
enriching the experience of international exchange students participating in YFU programmes before, during and after their exchange experience primarily by facilitating specific educational and content-related activities carried out by YFU organisations for YFU programme participants in Europe, such as seminars,symposia, orientation, follow-up and evaluation programmes relating to these students’ intercultural exchange experiences,
assistance in planning and conducting international training for staff and volunteers carried out by YFU organisations in Europe, so as to improve and enhance their ability to implement educational youth exchange programmes.
Membership in other networks: European Youth Forum, Fédération des Associations Internationales en Belgique.

Collaboration with organisations in other countries: Aside from collaboration with our Member Organisations, we often collaborate with other youth organisations on projects, particularly on trainings and seminars for volunteers and other youth workers.

Interest/involvement in European and EU political matters: One of our main priorities is representing the voice of YFU in Europe. This means keeping abreast of European policy changes which influence the work of our Members as well as advocating for increased recognition long term secondary school exchanges, the value of intercultural learning, non-formal education, etc.

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