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Newsbulletin #4
Endorse the Rainbow Paper!
Our manifesto: Five steps to make interculturalism the human norm, five sets of recommendations – educating, capacity building, monitoring, mobilising and resourcing of Intercultural Dialogue. It is addressed to civil society and public authorities at all levels in Europe.
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Panorama on Intercultural Dialogue
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Intercultural dialogue and intercultural action: learning to understand the concepts
Migration and minorities
The term “intercultural dialogue” leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The Platform for Intercultural Europe positioned itself early on with the realization that the greatest need for intercultural dialogue stems on the one hand from the cultural diversity that is the result of migration, and on the other hand from the “old diversity” of minorities within nation states. We have always emphasized that intercultural dialogue must be very concrete and result-oriented.

Our definition of intercultural dialogue:
“A series of concrete encounters, anchored in real space and real time, between individuals and / or groups with different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds and cultural heritage, with the aim of exploring understanding, awareness, empathy and respect and increase. The ultimate purpose of intercultural dialogue is to create a collaborative and positive environment to overcome political and social tensions. “(The Rainbow Paper. From Practice to Policy and Back. 2008). (Our Manifesto, The Rainbow Paper, open to Signing).

Intercultural dialogue as a supplement to anti-racism and anti-discrimination
The living situation of migrants and minorities in European societies depends on basic rights and their implementation. Many organizations at different levels are working on these core issues. However, everyone’s heart has to follow their mind – only human contact often leads to a positive attitude towards the rights of migrants and minorities. This is where intercultural dialogue begins. It is a ‘fine tool’ with which a positive engagement with cultural diversity and intercultural development becomes possible.

What is at stake in intercultural change

Although we focus on migrants and their descendants as well as minorities in general, the respective ‘majorities’ in our European societies and their decision-makers and opinion leaders are our ‘target groups’.
In order for interculturality, i.e. the principle of developing cultures through intercultural engagement, to become the norm, our institutions must change. They all have to get better at ‘Diversity Management’, i.e. to develop rules and practices that do justice to cultural diversity.
Europe needs a more positive attitude towards cultural diversity, greater acceptance. This also includes a further development of the understanding of being a citizen ’in Europe.

Networked thinking
How can we ensure that intercultural dialogue initiatives are not only well-intentioned but also have positive effects? How can intercultural dialogue be combined with the endeavor to create good politics for participation and rights? The Platform for Intercultural Europe has set itself the task of providing answers to such questions.